How to Take Great Photography

Dan Eitreim

July 4, 2015

In normal circumstances the use of a flash unit is required when taking photos inside a building or whenever there is not enough light outside. It is not always necessary to use this built-in automatic source of light for several reasons. A flash unit often causes a considerable difference in light color. Therefore it is not such a good idea to use this feature always and in any circumstance. For instance, in case you want to take photos inside a museum it is often prohibited to use the flash unit. This might be an advantage.

Most digital photo cameras, especially the compact versions, have a built-in automatic flash unit. It produces a flash of artificial light whenever the built-in light meter detects a too small amount of light in the area where the photo will be taken. That is especially the case when the camera is being set to fully automatic functionality. In some rare occasions, such as taking photos in a museum, it is better to switch off the flash unit. There are several reasons for this.

The white light of a flash may cause damage or other unwanted side effects.

Camera shake may occur.

In many cases the shutter speed will be reduced tremendously, because the built-in light meter detects a too small amount of light. This may cause camera shake whenever the shutter release button is being pressed. To guarantee stability it is better to use a tripod in combination with a remote control or a cable release unit.

When a compact digital photo camera is being used there may not be a cable release connection or a remote control available. In that case the photographer can use the built-in self-timer. Even when a tripod is not available it is also possible to use any horizontal surface to put the camera on.

While many people think that the use of the flash unit in a museum is absolutely necessary, it may well be said that not using it can result in taking better and more professionally looking museum photos.

Rudy Dhondt gives more photography tips on his website DiscoverDigitalPhoto.com and puts the emphasis on using a compact digital photo camera to take professionally looking photos.

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