How to Do Product Photography: Shooting Clinique Styled Product Photos

Dan Eitreim

April 22, 2015

When I first started in product photography I was fortunate enough to befriend an Advertising Executive who started mentoring me in the ways of commercial photography from a perspective that really counts – a professional customer. Michael taught me the ins and outs of the business, what I could do to get noticed, and how to professionally capture a photograph in a way that would attract customers.

I remember clearly the day that Michael shared the old John Wanamaker adage of, “I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted… I just don’t know which half”. I had never heard this before and with a tenuous grip on a paying profession I was instantly frightened. It seems that everyone in the advertising industry is intimately familiar with this concept and there’s never a moment that it’s not on their mind. Apparently you can do a SWOT assessment (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of an Advertising Business based solely on that phrase!

Needless to say, I started picking Michael’s brain in order to come up with strategies to minimize the effects on me and my nascent business. Once he realized the source of my concerns he quickly assured me that great product photography was isolated from that part of the business.

As it turns out, if you focus on capturing the essence of your product, the picture will cross media lines. The same picture can be used for the web, print advertisements, sell sheets, and when done properly, it can even be placed in video.

On the other hand, a poor product photograph is not only a 100% waste of money for the cost of the photograph but it is a 100% waste of all advertising funds spent using it. Nothing pushes the potential customer away like a substandard photograph prominently displayed like a proud little girl who just did her own make-up for the first time.

If you think about it, with the above paragraph in mind, you can realize at least a 50% increase in efficiency of your advertising simply by using a professional product photographer! Additionally, you will be better able to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign secure in the fact that your photography is not a problem area.

The great product photograph does more than just show our product. It elicits emotions in our customers that make them desire our product. Our clients become our fans and they talk about us with their family and friends resulting in more customers. It is for this reason that we can never hold back on our product photography for it is the foundation of our advertising.
Doug Loman is a commercial and fine art photographer in Milwaukee, WIYou can see some of Doug’s work at douglomanphotography.com or keep up with him at Doug Loman Photography on Facebook.

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