How to Do Event Photography – How Can I Take Better Photos in Low Light?

Dan Eitreim

May 17, 2015

Event photography training, where can I do it? What does it cost? Is it worth it?

I would love to give you the answers but the needs of one photographer will be very different to the needs of another, just remember that there are the three elements, photography, marketing and workflow that make up event photography. Training can take the form of one-to-one up to large group or could be in the form of manufacturers demos and seminars. All of these types of training have their use.

There many people offering training so is recommended that you ask relevant questions before booking, such as these that follow;

One of the most important things that you can do is look at the work of the photographer giving the training to see if they are just talking the talk or can they actually walk the walk.

Mike Weeks is the founder of www.eventphotographersociety.co.uk the most informative resource for event photographers.If you would like to know more about event photography or arrange for training as an event photographer you should have a look at [www.eventphotographertraining.co.uk] featuring some of the countries leading event photographers and the training they can provide

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