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Dan Eitreim

July 21, 2015

We all love to sit back and relive a moment in our lives. These are moments in our past when we were innocent and carefree. Without the worries of life that so many of us take for granted these days. These moments for most of us are captured through pictures. From the moment we are born most of us have a camera pointed directly at us. This is the way we preserve our visual memory. There are two methods in which we preserve these visual memories. Candid shots are those where the subjects are unaware, unplanned, and without posing. Portraits are shots where the subjects are posed and aware that a picture is being taken. With each style there are ways to capture the perfect shot if you follow a few simple rules. First on the list should be to pick the location you want to use for you portrait session.

You’ll find that studios aren’t the greatest locations for you portrait photography. Sure it’s easier in a studio to capture a pretty good posed picture. However, to get a great shot you need to expand beyond the studio. The best way to do this is by going to a park or somewhere as simple as in your own backyard. You can even follow your subject on their way to work or while the stroll down the street.

Showing the subject in their natural surroundings allows them to be more relaxed. If they feel a bit awkward then it will reflect in your shots. This will also allow you to get a natural shot instead of your subject giving a staged appearance. Your going to get a better picture a child playing at a playground. Rather than if you try and take them to a studio and ask them to sit still for a hour. It just doesn’t work and again this will reflect in your shots. The next step would be getting the proper lighting.

There are many different ways you can use light in portraits. Most studios use off camera lighting due to the limited natural lighting at their disposal. You can however use a window as a great way to get soft and diffused lighting. Make sure you place your subject at an angle and not looking forward straight out the window. This is probably the best way to get some natural lighting in your studio setting.

Natural lighting is best achieved outdoors. An overcast day offers the best lighting. Sunny days are great for a picnic, but they can cause your pictures to be over exposed. If you have a sunny day and you aren’t able to shade the subject under a tree or building. Then make sure you don’t position them facing the sun. Most photographers think this sun will reduce shadows. Actually, by pointing them directly at the sun it creates more shadows. These can be touched up in post processing, but if you have 700 shots to process. It can be extremely time consuming to fix an issue you shouldn’t have too if it was done correctly during the shoot. Finally, there are a few other tips that you can use to improve your portrait photography.

Go back and look at your shots that don’t turn out that good. Study the shot and figure out why the shot isn’t that good. Determine if it’s because of lighting or the settings on your camera. Always try and improve and learn from your mistakes.

Take the time to learn a little about your subject. You can get a pretty good idea of what they will and what they won’t like. You don’t have to get to know their life story. It also helps to make your subject comfortable as well.

Whether your shooting a candid or posed shot. Shooting portrait photography is a skill that you should always strive to improve on. Capturing a special event or moment in a person’s life and being able to tell their story through your pictures. In the end that’s what portrait photography’s ultimate goal is.

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