Great Black And White Photography

Dan Eitreim

July 27, 2015

Black and white photography has long been a staple product of the art world. There is something about capturing the world around us and rendering it, and the people in it, in such a stark medium as black and white. In a way, this type of art takes away any preconceptions one might have about the given subject and allows the viewer to see the content as it really is, and even add their own ideas.

There is really no end to the amount of beauty that black and white photography can capture. Whether it be of a tranquil forest scene or an all-encompassing, towering mountain, black and white landscape photography is only one of the varying themes that a photographer may capture within his/her art. Helyn Davenport, a well known photographer, does a wonderful job of appropriating the perfect perspective within his art. In one of his more peaceful landscape pieces, “Bog”, Davenport seems to grasp the serenity of the world he is viewing and the subtle way in which he denotes the shadows falling over the water creates a beautiful contrast within the picture.

People and cultures have always been a favorite subject for these artists because the black and white medium can recall the detail and emotion within a person’s face and emote that sense to any art lover who might be interested in the experience. Diane Arbus has created works of black and white photography that have, in the past, grabbed the interest of many in the photojournalist world and are now considered fine pieces of art. Within in her photo, “Puerto Rican Woman with Beauty Mark”, one can almost feel the emotion expressed within her subject’s eyes. It is easy to imagine many different stories to explain the pain visible in the woman’s gaze, this aspect is exactly one of the traits that denotes a well done photograph.

Although there are many sub-genres within black and white photography, black and white digital photography seems to be becoming very popular because of new technology within the world of cameras. Digital photography has made it easier for the artists to download their images onto a computer, thereby giving them the ability to incorporate new elements that would not have been available in a traditional dark room setting.

There is something of a romantic and antiquated sense to black and white photography that has kept the art world interested from the time that it was invented. Within such art there is a stillness, and yet, the subjects captured are somehow so alive to the viewer. Because of the emotions that this type of photography brings, galleries around the world will most likely always make it available to the public. Many online galleries are available, such as Imagekind, and offer a great selection and convenience when searching for additions to any collection.

Emily Olson researches for www.Imagekind.com where she also writes articles that encompass the different genres and styles within the art world.

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