Good Photography Questions : 13 Photography Questions Answered

Dan Eitreim

June 10, 2015

Commonly asked questions pertaining to Wedding Photography in South Africa.

When should I start Looking for a Wedding Photographer in South Africa?

As soon as you can! It is good to have time to do some research on what kind of photography you like before you actually book a photographer. It is also crucial that you book the photographer for your date before someone else does! You are probably guaranteed getting your first choice photographer if you book about one and a half years in advance, but will probably have a good chance within 12 months.

What can I expect to Pay for a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding Photography prices in South Africa vary quite a bit. You can find a photographer who will charge you R2 500 and you will find a photographer who will charge you up to R25 000. Obviously you need to find someone in your price range who actually takes good photos though, and you may not get very good quality photos for R2 500. If you do not have any money at all, you might consider finding a student photographer to take them for free, so they can get experience. Obviously there are risks involved with this too, but a few photos taken with a good camera are better than nothing!

I would suggest not deciding on a wedding photography budget until you have looked at a few portfolios of wedding photographers first. See what the good ones charge, and then keep looking until you find a good one in your price range. If you don’t find one, consider increasing your budget. The wedding photos are a small cost in relation to everything else you pay for on your wedding day. Why skimp on them when they reflect everything else that you may have splashed out on?

What should I look for in a Wedding Photography Package?

Firstly the photographer includes his time. Most photographers in South Africa, offer a variable amount of hours in their packages. although some only offer packages including the complete wedding. Having the option to choose less hours at a lower cost is helpful in that you might not be able to afford the complete hours package of the photographer you most like. If they gave you the option of just doing the preparation, ceremony and bride and groom portraits, and leaving out the reception, you could get stunning photos of those instead of getting the whole wedding done by an inferior photographer for the same price.

The high resolution photos on a cd or dvd. As most photographers use digital cameras these days, it is important that you get the images on a cd or dvd, and don’t have to pay per print. Even many film photographers now perform digital scanning and processing of photographs, and should be able to offer them in digital form. Why choose an old fashioned photographer who sells each image to you at a cost, when you can choose a photographer who gives you all your photos of the day for you to print extra copies of if you require?

Photo Processing. Another benefit of the digital age, is photo processing. Check to see if a photographer processes the photos at all. You should be able to see this by comparing his/her gallery to other photographers. Some wedding photographers offer a package without processing, and a package the includes processing, at a higher cost. Processed photos have much more punch than unprocessed photos, whether they have been processed to have “effects” or not.

A wedding album should not be compulsory. You should be able to select if you want one and not be forced to pay for it in a wedding package.

What are Story Book albums and Coffee Table Book albums?

As a wedding photographer in South Africa, I distinguish the Coffee table book album as a lower cost album made with paper pages, and a Story book album as the more expensive and exclusive album which is made with 1.5 – 2mm thick mounted photographic paper. I offer both, as optional extras.

Sharon Olivier is a wedding photographer in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Take a look at her website: www.imaginaryphotography.co.za

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