Glamour Portrait Photography: What Amy Schumer Is REALLY Thinking at Her Glamour Cover Shoot

Dan Eitreim

August 9, 2015

Though the modern Beauty Photography has taken a complete change in terms of use and digital color photography is the number 1 option for most photographers, the use of black and white has its unique place in the creation of glamour images which can be attributed to the contrast in glamour images a photographer can achieve in producing scintillating images for commercial and fine art use. Because some glamour images require high contrast, we, as photographers, should try working in black and white as it gives more areas to manipulate the image to achieve high contrast.

To put it simply, contrast is the difference between two colors, and there are no other colors than black and white to have the highest contrast possible because of the extremely opposite characteristics the two colors have. Therefore, while shooting glamour images that require silhouettes or some kind of drama within the negative and positive spaces in the image, aspiring glamour photographers should try different shots in black and white or use features in some of the awesome softwares like Photoshop in manipulating in high contrast black and white.

When high contrast monochrome is mentioned, it simply means that the picture boils down to the magnificent duet of colors – black and white with little or no shades of grey. When it comes to Glamour Images, high contrast can indeed prove invaluable, attracting attention of the audience and simply looking good. Moreover, such glamour images are versatile and give the images edgy look. Being ambitious artists, you can either adjust your DSLR in order to shoot in monochrome or utilize various post-processing software like Photoshop. With the Threshold Adjustment layer in Photoshop, you can easily turn your shadows (darker pixels) into black and highlights (lighter pixels) into white. However, note that this approach is the most effective when combined with a light background – so spare some time to make it such in order to achieve the finest result.

As a glamour photographer, you have to make an informed decision on what mode is good for what kind of glamour images, but when it comes to images that require you to have a striking result with the use of shadows and silhouettes and if you want to create drama with the shadows and highlights you have within your image, black and white is the best option for you.

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