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Dan Eitreim

June 18, 2015

Just got your first digital camera? Here are some tips on how to make full use of your brand new digital cam.

Tip 1: Make full use of auto focus. – Almost all digital cameras these days come with automatic focus. This means the camera allows you to press the button halfway down to get a focused image automatically. Once you are happy with what you see on the LED screen, you may then press the button down fully to take the picture.

Tip 2: Do not move your hands! When you press the button down, try not to apply too much force as the camera will shake. If the camera shakes, you find that the photos will be blurred.

Tip 3: Do not cover the flash or lens with your fingers. Sometimes, it’s amusing to see novice photographers cover the flash light or lens with their fingers when taking photos. When they do this, part of the photo may be deleted or the images appear darkened.

Tip 4: Check that you have removed the lens cover!

Tip 5: Use a tripod if necessary. For panning techniques, you may need the assistance of a tripod stand. There is also a better chance that you take better photographers because the camera remains in a stationery position.

Tip 6: Learn how to use the flash. The automatic flash is great, but doesn’t always produce great images. For instance, using the flash indoors may produce unnatural skin colors – e.g. the face may be illuminated too much and looks ghostly!

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