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Dan Eitreim

September 15, 2015

Looking at photographs is one way of recalling the past and taking photographs is what most people enjoy doing on their free time. As most people say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But few people know that photography has many branches and each of these branches require special skills and dedication.

Photography has more than 20 branches. We have listed 5 branches of photography that most people love.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the most in-demand types in the world of photography today. Fashion magazines, TV networks and Internet are always looking for professional fashion photographers. Their photographs usually involve shoes, dress, couture, and any fashion apparel. This is very important in showing the whole world the latest clothing and fashion trend of the season.

Travel Photography

This involves taking photographs of animals, landscapes, infrastructures and tourist spots. A photographer who is into this field is usually hired by Nature or travel-related TV networks and magazines.

Forensic Photography

Photographers involved in this type of photography are the serious types. They usually take pictures of the scene of the crime, whether it is a fragment of bullet, a victim’s body and all the evidences in the crime scene. The photographer takes multiple pictures of a single subject in various angles.


This field of photography focuses on the heavenly bodies in space and nothing else. This could range from galaxies, stars, natural satellites, and planets. If these persons are hired by government and other companies, they usually use high-tech instruments for taking pictures because the images are light-years away from the observer.

Being involved in this field requires a lot of patience and time for observing and finding a subject in the sky. It also requires a lot of knowledge about science, especially astronomy.

Underwater Photography

Is nearly the same as astrophotography, in a way that it seems to explore in a “different world”. This field of photography also requires a lot from the photographer. The photographer should have knowledge in scuba diving, swimming and the characteristics of different aquatic animals and plants.

The fields of photography are not just limited to the five listed above. There are still many more, exploring different fields of photography will help you find what soothes you. Once you have found the field for you, focus on that field and research more about that field so that you will grow on your chosen type of photography.

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