Flying Bird Photography Tips: Photographing Birds In Flight With Flash

Dan Eitreim

April 23, 2015

We all agree that photography is an art. To begin it successfully, you need to have an in-depth understanding of some technical concepts. In addition, choosing the right photographic equipment is also very important to attain excellent results. Moreover, you need to understand light and composition for creating beautiful and creative photographs.

A wide range of photography institutes have emerged today providing enthusiasts appropriate knowledge about photography. Getting enrolled in a good education centre can help you grab enough understanding about photography, its features and other important aspects.

We have discussed below some essential tips to help novices capture beautiful shots. These include:

Important elements of a photograph

It is extremely important for a beginner to know the elements of a good photograph. A good photograph consists of three important components, right subject, composition of the photo and right equipment. All these elements need to be in right place to capture a successful shot. The right combination of these elements determines the quality of image produced. You can choose any of the subjects for photography. Your subject can be a crying child, flying bird, flower or a person. Choosing an appropriate background and placing your subject is a matter of creativity.

Understanding of camera and camera modes

Understanding the camera and camera modes is also very important to compose the best shot. The latest digital cameras and DSLRs hitting the market today come blessed with a vast collection of features and apps. To compose a better shot, you first need to understand these features in a better way. This could only be possible by going through the manual available with the gadget or you can take professional help.

It is good to use the full manual mode as it provides the greatest level of control and clarity. Some of the shooting modes you can consider include portraits, landscapes, dynamic, night time shots, etc.

Exposure, shutter speed and aperture

Three important terms you must know include exposure, shutter speed and aperture.

Exposure is the amount of light falling on the film or the digital sensor chip during shooting. The shutter speed is the amount of time that enters the camera while the shutter is open. As far as the aperture is concerned, it is the size of the “hole” inside the lens that permits the light to reach the photographic medium.

You need to understand all these features in detail to become a good photographer.

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