Fine Art Black and White Photography by Marlene Neumann

Dan Eitreim

June 22, 2015

Black and white photography contains a different kind of interest than color, with it being all about contrast and composition, light and shade. Any color photograph will look completely different when seen in black and white. It will portray a completely different atmosphere. With the sharp contrast of colors, it can perhaps give a classic, somber or contemporary feel. When the beauty of a subject shines through in a photograph, it really is art.

There will always be a place for fine art photography prints within the design aspect of home interiors. For years, they have played an important part in adding to or enhancing the whole ambience of an interior’s decor.

Many people prefer black and white photography prints. Whether planning the design of a hotel lobby, a restaurant or suite of offices, the over-all effect of theme-related black and white prints can look stunning. Imagine classic prints of movie stars, cars or film posters; cities, buildings or well-known landmarks. They help to put the finishing touches to a contemporary environment, providing interest and pleasure to visitors.

Black and white photography prints can be chosen in any subject which is felt would enhance your interiors. Popular subjects are family groups, babies or people, pets, weddings, and landscapes. Whether deciding upon a canvas giclee print or a framed paper print is purely a matter of personal preference, but imagine how a group of themed black and white prints will look when arranged to their best advantage on your wall. Within a contemporary interior, the finished effect will look clean, stylish and sophisticated.

Giclee printing onto canvas provides a deep texture on the surface. The inks used are specialized and very long-lasting, and thanks to the advanced printing technology of today, the quality is of a really high standard. With printing onto deep-edged canvases, the image can printed to the edges, leaving a white edge, or it can be stretched all around the edges, giving a complete effect which doesn’t need framing. Whatever you choose, when printed onto canvas, fine art photography is a fantastic way to gain customized wall art.

If your preference is to have a framed print, it’s possible to choose from many different papers including matte, glossy and velvet finish. Frames can completely bring a print to life. Choose a frame in black, grey or silver to complement your black and white photography print. Or select a contrasting color which will blend in well with your color scheme.

Group prints together for an original effect, but remember to consider the over-all effect you want to achieve before choosing your frames. The size of the prints is important, so visualize the print or group of prints on your wall and decide on the best sizes to choose. Software is available on certain sites that allows a print to be shown against a wall painted in the color of your choosing, to enable you to see the effect. This is a great way to get a feel of the potential effect before going ahead with your purchase. You could even find a whole set of photo art prints on the same site which you feel will complement each other.

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