Family Portrait Photography Tips

Dan Eitreim

July 25, 2015

Family portrait photography has been around since the olden days where people would sit still in front of a big black box, holding up their breath to take a picture. These days however, it is much easier to take photographs of your loved one with digital SLRs.

Most professional photographers use these Family Portrait Ideas for their photography work. There are many occasions in a year that calls for a family reunion such as Christmas gathering, birthday celebrations, holidays, dinners and more. With all these reunions, there is definitely a need for great family shots that captures the precious moments spent together with the family.

Taking photos of a group of people is a challenging photography genre because it does get tricky to shoot a group of people in a frame. To give you a picture of how tough things can turn out to be, well, try to picture yourself instructing a number of hyperactive nieces and nephews for a family shot. Seems challenging does it not?

Not to worry, these Family Portrait Ideas are here to the rescue as we reveal you the basic things you ought to know and remember for easier and stunning family photos.

Top Family Portrait Ideas #1 – What Do Your Subjects Want?

Understand your subjects. Get to know what they want and expect to see in the results of the family portrait photos simply by asking them about it. If you got it all right, you’ll see beautiful and satisfied smiles on their faces in the final photos.

For instance, does mom want to look slimmer? Big sister wants to be further away from the camera because she doesn’t want her pimples to turn out looking too obvious. Dad doesn’t want the bold patch on top of his head to be obvious either.

Top Family Portrait Ideas #2 – Photographing Spontaneous Variety

Family portrait photography isn’t all about sitting still and making poses for great family shots. It also means a lot if you can capture shots of spontaneous variety. An example of this is the two old folks (grandfather and grandmother) suddenly breaking into a little cha cha during the family dinner.

Bear in mind to correctly set all your DSLR settings so that you’ll be better able to capture every great little family vignettes. These spontaneous variety captured in digital images are often times priceless.

Top Family Portrait Ideas #3 – Keep The Background Simple

A good family photograph can be determined by the background. The background plays a vital role in a family portrait photo. The background can look messy if it is too colorful. Note that a photograph of a group of people is already mess enough.

Remember, if your photograph is about the family, then focus onto the people and not whatever is in the background. It is best to make use of a background that is neutral or solid colored. A wall or plain bed sheet is a good example.

However, if you are conducting family portrait photography outdoors, you might want to try photographing your subjects from various angles. You can take pictures of the family from a low angle, or perhaps you can try photographing them from a high vantage point. Doing this helps you rid off the distracting background around your subjects very easily.

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