4 Tips Memotret dengan DSLR untuk Pemula

Dan Eitreim

February 25, 2015

If you’re interested in photography and want to get into DSLR photography then there has never been a better time to do so. There are many DSLR cameras out on the market right now that are designed not to overwhelm the user, today I will be talking about these cameras so you can make an educated decision on which camera you would like to buy.

Canon Rebel XS

The Canon Rebel XS is probably the most common entry level DSLR camera simply because it’s a good little camera that’s user friendly and it’s also affordable. I personally love this camera and owned one when I was learning about photography.

The Rebel XS has some great features and produces excellent quality images, the only bad point that I would say about the Rebel XS is that the ISO range sometimes left me wanting and needing more, however this was only a small problem and for every day shooting this isn’t a problem.

Canon Rebel T1i

This is the bigger sister to the Rebel XS and generally it costs around $100 more. However for that extra $100 you get a better camera in many departments.

Image quality is still excellent as you would expect from a well known camera manufacturer such as canon.

The Rebel T1i has a higher ISO range 100-3200 and can also record in high definition video which is a nice feature if you’re interested in recording home movies without the need for an extra video camera.

Other Cameras

There are other cameras from other manufacturers suitable for beginner photographers, however I have used and tested the above cameras when I was beginning in photography and they helped me progress as a photographer greatly therefore I highly recommend them to you.

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