DSLR Beginners Guide: Beginners Guide To Battery Grips For Your DSLR

Dan Eitreim

April 5, 2015

So, are you currently considering to move to a Digital Single Reflex Camera? or are you are first time buyer? D-SLR Cameras are certainly much more expensive than other electronic cameras but for photographers who already have high-end quality lenses, or who often use large quantities of film, they’re undoubtedly worth the extra expense.

Price conscious consumers might be interested in the Sony Alpha DSLR-A230, which is one of the least costly Digital-SLR cameras out. With several of the similar features as the higher-end Alpha series Cameras from Sony, but at an affordable price for a beginning D-SLR Camera buyer. The Sony Alpha series has been extremely well-liked among photographers since its release in the winter of 2008

In case you’re not really yet willing to spend the additional money for a electronic SLR, but you still want a quality electronic camera using the controls of a film Single Reflex Lens Camera, you ought to look into the high-end 8 megapixel and above cameras currently available for between $350 and $600. With the exception of the removable lenses, be aware that with advances in technology these models currently provide the flexibility and control previously only found in film SLRs.

For photographers who current have a film SLR and do not want a second camera, staying with film SLR isn’t a bad choice. Prices of high end digital SLR cameras will continue to come down, and hopefully soon full frame SLRs will be much more affordable. During meantime you can scan your pictures which will help you to experience some of the advantages of digital photography, especially the capability to work with images in a so called digital darkroom by using image edition software

Always keep in mind that digital photography is totally different than conventional photography using film and is becoming known as a better way of doing photography. The primary factor is that the film is totally free and pictures are instantly visible, it is feasible to rapidly improve one’s photographic abilities. Paired with the capability to edit images after the fact, digital photography technology provides the photographer with unlimited flexibility to make the most out of their pictures

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