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Dan Eitreim

September 14, 2015

Create a wedding journal

When planning your dream wedding, the best place to start is by creating a wedding journal. Every couple has different priorities.

Start by listing the must have items. After all, it’s your day and you should have the things that make it special for you. A general list includes:

i. A venue for both the ceremony and the reception.
Ii. Attire for the bride and the groom (including accessories).
Iii. A wedding cake.
Iv. Food and/or drinks.
V. The wedding officiant.
Vi. A marriage license.
Vii. Rings.
Viii. Gifts for the attendants.

Money saving tips for your dream wedding planning

One of the first steps to planning a fabulous dream wedding on a budget is to start being realistic about what is affordable for you.

Start planning your ideas based on your budget. Keeping the guest list small as bigger is not always better. One of the most difficult tasks you’ll face while planning your wedding is deciding who to invite. Choose smaller vendors you will often find that that accommodate your needs at a better price.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to help you by being your honorary coordinator.

Give her an itinerary, checklists and phone numbers for all your vendors.

Choosing your day to have the wedding on

Choose any day other than Saturday. Since the majority of couples plan their wedding for a Saturday, choosing any other day of the week can be a huge cost saver. The most expensive elements such as the venue rental and reception fees can decrease by as much as 50% for weddings held on a Friday or Sunday. Plan your wedding for November through April and you’ll save a bundle. The cheapest month of all? January.


know what you’ll be getting at the venue you have selected.
Use a free location. There are lots of unique and beautiful places to hold your dream wedding. Public gardens, the beach, a park or local tourist attraction are all potential locations that will save you money. And if you choose a unique spot it will most likely be perfect as it is – so you’ll save on decorations. Holding the ceremony and reception at the same location eg.Beach,park.

Food and drinks

investigate school programs for your catering needs. Reduce your costs by cutting down the amount of appetizers or hors d’oeuvres you order. If children and teens are attending the dinner be sure to request a childs meal for everyone under 11 and a teen meal (same as adults but without the alcohol) for ages 12 to 17.

Buying your own drinks can save you a lot especially if you are able to choose a venue where you do this.


choose a photographer that will give you the negatives. Limit the number of locations where the photographs are taken. Look for less expensive photography options. If your budget does not allow for the cost of a professional photographer, consider hiring a photography student from a local college or university. Perhaps you have a friend that can do it as well.


opt for simple but elegant rings. The most inexpensive option is the classic gold. Buy your rings as a set.
Many rings are available as a set that includes the engagement ring and the brides wedding band. Or you may even be able to find a set that includes the grooms band as well.

Decorations and accessories

make your location the focal point. Choose a location that is naturally beautiful such as a site overlooking the ocean or a beautifully restored historical building. Add some simple floral arrangements and there is no need to spend a bundle on decorations when the location itself is already stunning.Use the church’s decorations. Plan your dream wedding for a day shortly after a big religious holiday like easter and take advantage of the fact that the church will already be decorated.

Wedding cake

make your wedding cake all the dessert you need. It’s nice to be able to offer guests a variety of different desserts, but the price can add up. Avoid this extra expense by having your wedding cake made with a different flavour for each tier. You’ll then have 3 or 4 different options for guests to choose from.


play your own CDs instead of hiring a professional DJ. Most halls have sound systems with multi-disc players that are available for your use. Simply ask friends and family members to help you compile CDs of great dance music and you’ll have a full nights worth of entertainment for a fraction of the cost.

The bridal gown and tuxedo

choose an inexpensive wedding gown and make it look expensive. Buy a floor sample bridal gown.
At the end of the season, bridal shops sell of the gowns that they have made available for brides to try on. This can greatly reduce your costs. Look for stores that offer the grooms tuxedo for free.


keep your bouquet simple. Flowers such as calla lilies, roses and gerbera daisies are excellent choices. For an added piece of romance, have friends and family members hand you the flowers for your bouquet as you walk down the aisle. Use silk flowers. For large arrangements and centrepieces, consider using silk flowers instead of real ones.

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