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Dan Eitreim

June 30, 2015

With so many non professional photographers taking pictures nowadays let’s look at a strategy you can use to increase the value of your picture taking and make them stand above the crowd. By doing this you can increase the perceived value of your pictures and put yourself in a better position to make suggestions to your paying customers. The rest of this article will discuss this important strategy of…

Taking A Picture That Communicates ONE Theme About The Subject

For many of you wondering what we mean by the use of the word “Theme.” If we look at Dictionary.com they describe it as follows,”The subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person’s thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic”. This is what the thought process that should be going through your head BEFORE you take the picture. This means your actions will be coming from an organized place and more likely to be tightly focused increasing the probability of a positive outcome.

Here Are The 4 Action Steps You Need to Implement

Step 1) Decide with your subject beforehand what the theme of the picture will be.
Step 2) Decide what lighting, background effects and props will optimize this idea.
Step 3) Communicate your thoughts with the subject until you agree on a course of action.
Step 4) When taking the shot focus on just this theme until you get it.

Implementation Problems

Issue #1
Some of the biggest issues comes with step 1) and it is usually a communication issue.

Solution To #1
One of the ways you can get past this is to answer with your subject one or more of the following three questions:

Q1) What emotion is to be communicated?

Q2) What concept are you trying to communicate?

Q3) What lifestyle situation are you trying to communicate?

Until you can reach an agreement on what you are trying to accomplish with the shot.

Issue #2
Another big issue people have had with implementing this is trying to do everything within one photo.

Solution To #2
One of the easiest ways to get past this is to describe in one concise sentence what your picture is about. If you are able to do this then chances are you have a very tightly themed shot. If you are not able to do this then keep eliminating non essential stuff from your description until it’s a concise focused sentence.

In this article we discussed the idea of making sure your pictures have a tightly focused theme to them. By doing this effectively you will have happier clients which means repeat business and referrals. You will also find your pictures being able to make you more money on stock photography sites. This method is especially effective when you can control all of the creative elements that go into a picture like the background, lighting and props. It will be less effective when you don’t have that level of control about what appears in the shot.

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