Digital Photography Secrets: Taking Great Outdoor Portraits For Dummies

Dan Eitreim

January 30, 2015

Ever since American scientist George Eastman invented the first box camera and roll film, generations of enthusiasts took up photography as a hobby or profession. The art of photography has fascinated not only the photographers but also those who posed themselves to be photographed. Like all other branches of science and technology the techniques of photography also underwent several changes in the course of its development. It was a series of development that started from celluloid film to digital camera and in the course of its long history photography attained marvelous growth. Development of digital camera is a remarkable milestone in that process.

Digital cameras capture the images on photosensitive chips instead of films. There are many advantages for this innovative process. Foremost among them is that images are available instantaneously on the screen. Unlike the film there is no need for developing the film and viewing it to confirm its quality. If the image obtained is not satisfactory it can be deleted. The photographer can retain only those shots which are good. The bad ones can be omitted and more number of photos can be shot and stored in the memory card. These are easy to handle and even lay persons can click many a wonderful moments without hassles. The laborious process of unloading the film roll, developing and then choosing those which are good for printing is not required in the case of digital cameras.

Several brands of both expensive and cheap cameras are available in the markets. Many mobile phones are also featuring digital cameras. Sophisticated one from reputed manufacturers have many innovative features. Cannon Power Shot for example features lens with 2.0 focal length and dual anti-noise system. It can create wonders even in low light ambiance without flash. Pentax entry level DSLR, Panasonic Lumix, Nikon D3005 and Olympus PEN EPI are among best selling digital cameras in the contemporary markets. Innumerable other brands and models are flooding the markets to enable the consumers to have wide range of products to choose from.

There are many technical specifications that are to be considered while choosing a right one. At the outset the consumer has to decide about the features that are expected in the product. Resolutions (mega pixels), lens aperture, lens zoom range, lens quality, software and the brand preferred are to be decided before finalizing the purchase. There are relevant websites to help those who are not well versed with the subject, especially the beginners who are eager to take up photography as a hobby.

As some of the digital cameras are very expensive, budget is an important factor in the process of choosing one. Product reviews appearing on the websites are useful for the shoppers to gather valuable information about various products and special features that are incorporated in them. Some of such websites analyze the qualitative advantages and disadvantages of each product entering the markets. Apart from browsing internet prudent shoppers are advised to consult professionals who are fully conversant with photography. They will be able to guide the aspiring amateurs in the right direction. Price comparison sites are of immense help to the buyers in order to strike bargains.

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