Digital Photography Masterclass

Dan Eitreim

February 20, 2015

Has it always been your desire to move your photography skills to the next level? Possibly even turn photography into a full or part time income? Great News! It is entirely possible to do this, but you will need to take a few online photography courses for beginners.

The first time you go online to check out the offerings, you will be met with dozens or even hundreds of course offerings. Let’s face it, there are a lot of courses available online. What to do?

While there are many free courses being offered, keep in mind that most of them are being offered for free as a mere teaser to get you to sign up for a paid course. In a lot of them, there is some key element that is left out and all you need to do is sign up for the paid class to learn the vital information. I feel that this is nothing more than a bait and switch scam. Be careful.

Some free offerings DO have a complete lesson to display the quality of their class. If you decide later to check out the paid offering, you will have a better feel for what you are getting and this is a much better option than the bait and switch scams (they almost always offer a substandard course).

Keep in mind that for a quality education, there will be a cost involved, but it is worth it. By studying a formalized course you can literally cut years off your learning curve and have a terrific time while doing it!

What are the requirements for taking such a course? Of course you will need a digital camera. The higher the mega pixel count the better. BTW – 25 mega pixels is about the equivalent of a film camera. Smaller mega pixel counts are useable, but you will have limitations as to how large you can make the photo if you decide you want to print it out or display it full screen on a computer.

A high speed internet connection is not vital, but I highly recommend it. Most photo classes are highly graphic intense and it can be very frustrating waiting forever for a lesson page to load.

What sort of things will you learn in your new online digital photography course? You’ll learn everything from what type of light to use to get stunning photos in the various photo specialties – landscapes, portraits, still life, and so on…

You’ll learn what a light tent is used for and how to make your own… Once all the photo tips and tactics are covered, you’ll learn how to edit and finish the photos you’ve made. (This is a vital step that most of us never properly learn on our own.)

Next, you’ll learn how to take your photos to the next step and discover how to sell them and make some money! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fun and exciting hobby that pays for itself? (As well as a few bills like the car payment or possibly even the mortgage.)

You’ll find out which pictures are in demand and how to sell them for maximum profit.

What is the next step? Read some reviews and if the course looks like it can deliver on all the promises made in the sales letter, snap it up!

But, here is a caution. You will NOT be able to learn how to master all these concepts by osmosis. You MUST take action! Knowing how to do something and actually being able to do it are two vastly different things. Read through each lesson, grab your camera and get out there and practice! But, that shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, you did get into this hobby so you could take pictures – right? As your photos improve, the taking action step gets even more and more exciting. Try it, you’ll like it.

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