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Dan Eitreim

May 26, 2015

I am assuming found this article because you are having a hard time finding the best digital camera under 200 dollars as I recently did. With all of the technical jargon that gets tossed around the greasy sales world, it has become very hard to stay focused when searching for your new camera. With the holidays around the corner, everyone is looking for the best value for the lowest price…I used these exact three steps to find the best digital camera under 200 dollars when I recently purchased a digital camera for my mothers anniversary trip (and yes, I did go over my budget a little with the extra memory cards…love you mom).

Step 1: Figuring out what you need

The best digital camera under $200

A mistake I commonly see, are buyers being sucked into buying cameras that are beyond what they really need. Some questions to ask yourself before you start shopping:

* What’s your budget?

* What do you need the camera for? (Taking Snapshots, Video, or Professional Photography)

* What conditions will you be mostly photographing in? (indoors, outdoors, low light, bright light)

* Will you largely stay in auto-focus, or are you learning the art of photography?

* What type of features are you looking for? (Optical zoom vs. Digital zoom, external flashes..)

Ask yourself these questions prior to buying your new camera and you will be ready when you need to decide what type of zoom you want.

Step 2: Deciding how many Mega-pixels are needed

Mega-pixels are not as MEGA as they used to be…

One of the main features used to sell digital cameras is how many mega-pixels a digital camera has. When digital cameras were initially released (and selling for excess of $300-400 for a basic model), the mega-pixel rating of the camera was actually a very important statistic. As most cameras then, they were at the lower end of today’s camera functionality and even a 1 mega-pixel increase was a significant upgrade. I would recommend a 10 MP camera if your spending over $100

Step 3: Do you require any extras?

It’s always nice to have an extra memory card or two. maybe rechargeable batteries?

Do you remember how big of a pain it is to run out of space on your memory card right when you arrive to your destination (usually really far from the nearest computer to load your pictures onto)? You need to think if any additional equipment would benefit your individual need for a digital camera. Here are some of the most common additions to keep in mind come checkout:

* Camera Case

* Memory Cards

* Spare Batteries/Recharger

* Tripods

* External Flashes

If you’re learning the art of photography:

* Reflectors

* Lenses

* Filters (and other lens attachments)

Amazon usually will bundle such extras with most packages to give a discount when buying more than one item at once, if you are looking to purchase extra peripherals.

Hopefully my article will be as helpful to you as it was to many of my friends and family. I hope my 3 tips to find the best digital camera under 200 dollars helped give you relief… ‘Tis the season, am I right? Happy holidays (and camera shopping)

If you would like to read the complete story on how I personally chose the my mothers anniversary gift using these tips visit www.squidoo.com/best-digital-camera-under-200-dollars. At my site I expand on the 3 tips to find the best digital camera under 200 and talk about additional info I discovered over the course of my research.

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