Digital Camera Tricks: 10 Tricks to Make Amateur Video Look Professional

Dan Eitreim

May 28, 2015

It used to be, during the time before digital cameras and Photoshop arrived on the scene, trick shots were all fascinating.

Today however, areas that are fair game for trick photography have shrunk a great deal. While it raises the price of admission, the satisfaction that comes with being able to hear someone say “how in the world did he do that” makes the trouble you went through insignificant

Ask yourself, in this digital age, what photos contain a “wow” factor? Chances are they will entail one or more of the following elements:

Timing – An extremely well timed photograph is one big element that contributes to really great trick shots. However it either entails a lot of luck or a lot of time. And most of the time both are needed.

Speed – While a bit related to timing, speed is a separate factor on its own. This has to do with your ability to freeze “the moment” with your camera. Technical skills and a fast camera are of prime importance here.

Creativity – This encompasses the photographers creativity in subject selection and composition as well as the non-conventional use of camera features and objects to create or capture moments with an extremely high creativity factor.

It just means that what is important is the photographer, not the camera or equipment.

So when trying to create trick shots remember, it all depends on you and not your camera. The fastest, highest megapixel camera won’t be taking any creative shots with a creatively dead person behind the viewfinder. But put even a cellphone camera in the hands of an artist and you will never believe that such mundane equipment could produce such awesome results.

Now that is the ultimate trick shot.

C. C. Duncan is a professional photographer and author of the book, “Your Digital Camera in a Flash: A Quick & Easy Guide to Using Your Camera Like a Pro.” After falling in love with photography since taking that first photography class 23 years ago, Chris is now eager to help new, aspiring photographers to excel at this great hobby.

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