Digital Camera Advice for Artists

Dan Eitreim

May 27, 2015

It’s true; digital cameras have taken over the photography world. Since their first release, they have gained so much popularity that regular people and photographic professionals alike have traded in their film SLR cameras for digital. But really, what is it that makes these digital cameras special?

Any person at any day would say that they love their digital cameras because they are easier, more convenient to use and that they help you save money. In a photo shoot for example, you would not have to supply yourself with extra rolls of bulky film to save all the images you have captured. All you need is a handy dandy SD card with tons of memory and you can take pictures to your heart’s content. When you are done and about to print those special shots, you can simply, insert your SD card to your computer and do your selection from there. This way, you can be sure that you do not waste precious photo paper printing an ugly shot. Moreover, the point and shoot function of some cameras make using them a breeze. All you have to do is point at your subject, allow the camera to focus the lens for a few seconds and you can click away.

With all of those astonishing features, the digital camera is not only just a “gadget” but it has become an investment. Today an average American will gladly shell out hundreds to even thousands of dollars for a decent unit. And once they get one, some would even care for them as if they are caring for a newborn. They would go for accessory shopping while the others would end up compulsively cleaning their cameras. Consequently when a problem or malfunction happens, whether it is a broken or missing DSLR battery door or the need for a serious LCD repair for your DSLR camera, most of us will find ourselves frantically looking for a center that can bring back our cameras in tip – top shape.

Technically, finding a repair center for our “babies” is not hard. With the current “digicam” boom, service centers have practically sprouted up like mushrooms. All of them promise to fix our babies the fastest but does that mean they have a decent price and will do a good job? With so many of them everywhere, how would we know which center can deliver? How do you find one that is experienced and can do the job right?

Here are some tips to help you look for a decent service center:

1.                  Ask around. Most often, the recommendations of a fellow enthusiast turn out to be reliable. This is because they too may have needed some repair at one point or another.

2.                  If asking around did not yield that many results, you can go to the Internet next. Try searching Google for ‘affordable digital camera repair’ for example

3.                  Once you have gotten a list from the World Wide Web, try visiting any source you find if they are local. Bring your camera with you and be ready to ask for quotations and time frame needed for the repair. Most likely your repair quote will be close to $200 for even the simplest repair.

4.                  Last but definitely not the least, find an online business that specializes in digital camera repair and send in your camera to be fixed.

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