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Dan Eitreim

August 9, 2015

Running out of ink? Need a refill soon? Wondering how to bring down the cost of purchasing your printer cartridge refills? Most users of printers, home or office, go through these common situations. Getting a refill at a local shop is the most tempting option to get cheap printer ink. However, it is better to be cautious about these local refills. Some of the common mistakes that a buyer makes while purchasing refills for printers are:


Cost is usually the deciding factor when it comes to refilling your printer cartridges. People look for the cheapest available options, which without doubt are available at your local ink or toner refill providers. However, in the process people ignore the fact that refilled ink cartridges are simply filled with ink without any check or reconditioning of the empty cartridges, unlike the re manufactured or refurbished ink and toner cartridges. In the case of any fault in the cartridge or the print head on it, it may damage the printer. This may cause the printer to stop functioning suddenly or damage its circuit. Since, no manufacturer covers damages caused by these refilled cartridges; you will not get any service support from the manufacturer for your printer. Most often, these cartridges are not even filled completely, thus affecting your overall expenditure on cartridges.


When getting a refill for your printer, it is important to consider the purpose of printing. If it is regular black and white general office prints, the print volume is high for internal office use purposes, and the printer is outside the warranty period, going for refilled ink or toner cartridges make sense. However, if you need high quality black and white prints or colored prints, go for OEM manufactured or compatible toner cartridges as that will ensure you get quality prints. OEM toner cartridges are the most expensive, often up to 70% more, but they ensure best quality, 100% compatibility, highest yields and minimized downtime. Compatible toner cartridges come with great price savings while they may not ensure compatibility and performance guarantee equivalent to an OEM cartridge.


Both OEM and compatible ink or toner cartridges come with the warranty. In the case of compatible cartridges, there is a general myth that the printer’s warranty will get void. However, ‘by law’ that is not true, as compatible cartridges are designed to meet or exceed the standards set by the OEMs. If using refilled or refurbished cartridges, do it at your risk as they can void your printer’s warranty in the event of any leakages or circuit fault caused by them.

Alan Chester has written many helpful articles over cheap printer ink and cartridge refills. When getting a refill for your printer, it is important to consider the purpose of printing.

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