Church Wedding Photography

Dan Eitreim

September 10, 2015

Getting pictures taken for a wedding can be enjoyable and thrilling. During the actual wedding ceremony you should work with some different processes. These are processes that involve not only respect for the couple but also for the ceremony that is taking place.

The most important thing to do when taking photos during the wedding is to be quiet. You do not want your processes to be disruptive to the people in the congregation or the clergy that is presiding over the wedding. If you have to move from one place to another for taking photos you should be as quiet as possible. In fact staying in one spot may be the best thing to do.

With this in mind getting photos taken from a high angle can be useful during the ceremony. This is so that you will be able to work with more space around the church or other facility that the wedding is taking place in. You can get a photo of the couple in the ceremony, photos of people in the church and even wider shots of many things in the area.

You should avoid using flash when taking photos during the ceremony. Flash photography is welcome before and after the actual ceremony though. Flash can easily take the attention away from the couple and the ceremony and can focus it onto you. This is not something that you should be using. You should keep your photography to yourself and not draw attention to it through flash.

Getting all tripods and setup materials ready before the wedding is also helpful. If you are going to be moving from one spot to another you should be sure that any tripods you have are set up. This includes setting up a tripod in the back of the church or near a side wall of the church. You will not bother anyone during the ceremony if you do have to move around during the ceremony.

Finally it is important to talk with the church that is holding the wedding. Some churches are more lenient with regards to what you can do for taking photos during a wedding. Be sure to check and see what church policies are for in-ceremony photos.

Wedding photography can be enjoyable but it helps to watch for some things during an actual ceremony. You should stay quiet and not bother anyone when taking photos. Getting things set up before hand and getting clearance for taking photos helps too.

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