Camera Kits for Beginners: My YouTube Video Camera Kit And Setup – Beginners Guide

Dan Eitreim

June 14, 2015

Having a digital camera can already make many people happy as they can freely take photos of their favorite subjects anywhere they want. Through the years, however, you may want to get additional accessories to enhance your photo shooting experience and maintain the condition of your equipment. Keep in mind that with constant use, a camera can also wear and tear the reason why you have to have some gadgets too that will help you keep your device in good condition for a long time.

Cleaning kits

Camera maintenance requires regular cleaning of your device to get rid of dust and dirt that may have built up inside. Whether you’re using your digital camera often or not, these tiny particles can creep on the corners of the lens and inside the mechanical parts which can cause damage later on. As such, you need to have a cleaning kit handy regardless if you’re using your device indoor or outdoor.

An anti-static blower is one helpful gadget you can use. This is very affordable and works by blowing dust and other tiny particles off your camera. It may be a small gadget but it works wonders for any camera owner.

A good cleaning cloth is also a must. You can choose the chamois leather or the microfiber cloth to clean your lenses. These are top quality products but are very cheap. You can buy several of these to make sure you have extra ones to use such as when you shoot outdoors.

You may also want to consider getting filters for your digital camera. These are not very expensive and can help protect your camera’s lenses. The skylight filter, for instance, not only serves as lens protection but also helps in removing the blue tint when you capture images in sunny conditions. The blue tint is normally caused by the reflection of the sky’s light and ultraviolet rays. The polarizing filter, on the other hand, lessens the glare caused by the bright sunlight to achieve a better image.

If you have issues with balancing the digital camera because of shaky hands, you can get a tripod. There are new types of tripod available today some of which don’t necessarily have those traditional three legs that hold your camera steady while you’re shooting away.

For camera owners who don’t want to use the heavy and bulky tripod, there are new alternatives today. One of these is the bean bag which is similar to the small stuffed toys for kids containing beans or pebbles. This improvised tripod can be adjusted depending on how you want to capture your subjects and they’re very lightweight as well you can bring them outdoors any time you want. In terms of price, these can range from below $10 up to $30. In fact, you can get two of these and reserve each for use indoor and the other one for outdoor use.

There are many other useful gadgets and digital camera accessories you can use to improve your photo shooting experience. You can get one at a time depending on the availability of your budget.

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