Building A Portrait

Dan Eitreim

March 8, 2015

You have taken the best available digital camera that fits in your budget. You have also equipped your camera with accessories. Thus you have it all to enhance your hobby, but good pictures are taken by good photographers and not by the best cameras. There are many aspects of learning in photography and you can learn to make a simple picture dynamic by following some techniques. One of the most vital features of photography is the picture composition.

This part is fundamental in photography and it has certain rules and tricks to make you picture unique and appealing. Composition is not merely capturing your desired object/person of interest into the frame. It exceeds beyond that, providing you a sense of ability to capture from a different angle, or perspective making your picture exceptional.

You would always thought of framing the focus object right at the centre of the frame. But it not so, if you place your focus somewhere around the centre of the fame, preferably on the right side of the centre, this would give a better appeal to your pictures. The camera should have the right proportion of the picture and the objects therein. It is important to grab the picture in focus in the first two thirds of the frame. This gives a dynamic and lively appeal to the picture.

It is important to view your frame before capturing it. You need to get the right composition of the objects/people. If you are taking a group photo ensure that the all people have come into the frame and there are no other distractions in the picture. You can also experiment with the angles of the picture. This will provide you with unique pictures. You can also take pictures from a perspective to add life to the image. This will also trigger a sense of action onto your images.

It is important to buy a camera that suits you, both functionally and form type. This will better your photography and give you extended comfort in operating. You can choose Canon digital cameras or Sony digital cameras as they have superior technology and provide sturdy performance. You can take quality pictures by following the basic methods of composition to get the right frame and even enhance the picture’s uniqueness. You will grab the best composition and you can crop the rest of the frame to get the perfect feel of the picture. With better composition you will get clear pictures and the pictures will speak for themselves.

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