Black And White With Color Photography: Effect of Color Filters on Black & White Photography

Dan Eitreim

August 15, 2015

The use of color has can have a major effect on the overall way some one interprets your picture. It is the art of understanding how color makes a good photograph and using it to create great photos that separates professional photographers from gifted amateurs. Here we discuss some aspects of using color that you need to consider for better photography.

The Use Of Color And Emotion

Color is important so for example red is the universal color for warning so please when that color is present use it with care. It just takes a small amount of red in your picture to go a long way. The use of color affects how people interpret you picture so for example yellow is associated with happiness, whilst orange invokes sadness and blues and greens are calming to the viewer.

Black and White For Photography

The use of black and white can be used to create a more personal portrait or for more atmospheric landscape. Black and white is more dependent than color photography on shape and form to create curiosity in the viewer. Slanting or oblique lines imply movement, action and transformation.

When taking black and white photographs experiment with high low contrast to add a sense of drama to pictures. Contrast is the proportion of black to white in photo.

When taking photographs have fun with it. Experiment and learn from the results you get to slowly understand how color can change the feel of you pictures. Always though remember to have fun when taking photos.

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