Black And White Studio Photography: Black Backgrounds

Dan Eitreim

July 7, 2015

Part of any successful wedding are the pictures that a good photographer has taken. Because this is a very important event, it is natural for couples to invest in good photography services in order to capture their most precious moments using the best techniques. There are many studios these days that offer wedding photography and each one of them have their marketing strategies to convince people that they are the best in town. Definitely, if you want your pictures to look stunning, you have to find the right guys to do the job. But if you can add your inputs to a professional as you plan your wedding photography, that would be better.

Unless you know about photography yourself, you probably can’t appreciate pictures from a technical perspective. But you would always know what looks good and what does not. When it comes down to this, the first thing you may consider is going for full color prints or black and white. If you’re going for full color, know that what affect the quality of a photo are two things – color saturation and white balance. Color saturation tells you how colorful a photograph is while white balance is a way to measure the warmth or coolness of these colors. Unless these two elements are in perfect sync, the pictures could come out dull or unattractive.

Another important issue with colored prints is the sensitivity of the sensors of the camera used. This is one reason why you should never settle for just any studio taking your wedding photos. Quality photos don’t have to come expensive, but going for cheap studios could really dampen your excitement after the wedding when it’s time to take a look at your photographs. Cheap studios may not use the right cameras with the right degree sensitivity that high-end equipment has. Remember that the vividness of your pictures depends a lot on how sensitive the camera sensors are. Even when lights are provided, poor equipment cannot capture the actual colors of reality, especially indoor, resulting in flat, unattractive prints. But with the right cameras and the right people behind them, everything should come perfect.

If you’re considering black-and-white prints, that is also a good idea. There is no doubt in the world this color scheme produces very deep and dramatic pictures and is a good way to mute colors and get rid of distractions. There is also no need to worry about saturation or white balance because all values turn to zero with this color scheme. Basically, this means less work but still, you can’t just hit the greyscale button and expect the picture to be perfect. There are manual techniques that only expert and experiences photographers can do in order to transform all those photos into a stunning, black-and-white print.

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