Black and White Street Photography (Section 3)

Dan Eitreim

July 8, 2015

Numerous options exist when it comes to a portrait photography pose that work universally to produce excellent shots. Photographers need to understand these poses and adjust them according to the requirements of each individual photo shoot and subjects. The following poses are used in portraits with great results.

Hand on Hip

The hand on hip pose is a classic in portrait photography, especially for full body shots and three-quarter shots of the body. It also works for both men and women in casual photographs as it accentuates the hands and the natural shape of the body. This pose is simple because it only requires the model to their hand on their hip with the fingers spread out against the hip. Portrait photographs done with this pose are often upbeat and happy shots where the subject is smiling or laughing.

Angled Shoulders

Instead of showing the subject’s shoulders as a straight line at the bottom of the frame, choosing an angle for the shoulders is always a better portrait photography pose. One shoulder can be higher than the other in the frame, or one shoulder facing the camera and in the foreground. This pose is essential in creating proportional images of the subject in a more creative manner.

It must be mentioned that the shoulders are an important part of composing a portrait photograph. Try this in the next portrait assignment by asking the subject to lean against a wall and face the camera, or lean their back against the wall and look over their shoulder to the camera. Take the same subject with a straight shoulder line as you would in a passport photograph and see the difference. Shoulder placement adds a certain flair and creativity to the photograph, even though it is a pose that is often neglected in portrait photography.

Looking Away from the Camera

Another excellent pose for portraits is getting the subject to look away from the camera. It can be a silhouette or profile shot, or simply capturing the model in thought. Black and white images of portraits using this pose are very often dramatic because they offer a glimpse of the individual to the viewer in a unique way.

The above poses are easy to implement with your subject. As a photographer, try all these poses with your subject to determine which one works best for them. This is the process of getting the perfect portrait photography pose to suit every individual subject.

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