Black And White Sports Photography

Dan Eitreim

August 2, 2015

In youth sports photography, perspective means creating a feeling of depth. There are several ways to get this effect and all of them are quite simple. It is strange, then, that so many photographs lack this element which can make all the difference to a shot.

In landscape photography the easiest way of gaining a sense of perspective is to use a foreground, so there is a slightly bit of difference than youth sports photography. Often you can add a tree at one side of the frame, or with its foliage filling the top of the picture, and with youth sports photos you can not do that.

This simple addition creates an illusion, the impression that there is space between the viewpoint, the foreground and the background. Compare this to a picture with no foreground features – it will look flat and dull.

Strong, naturally-formed lines can create a powerful sense of ‘linear’ perspective. Try standing at the end of a recently ploughed field. Look at the lines of the furrows running away from you. They will converge towards a central point in the distance – what in the formal study of perspective is called a vanishing point. Taken from a low viewpoint these lines will create a strong feeling of depth.

When photographing buildings it is not difficult to exaggerate perspective. It is even more easy than in youth sports photography, and sports photographers know this. A shot of the front of a building taken straight on may lack impact whereas a more dramatic effect may be achieved by moving in close and looking up so the verticals converge.

Youth sports photography business is developing more and more each year, and youth photography products are to be found easy than before.

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