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Dan Eitreim

July 19, 2015

Boudoir Photography is just about the most sexy and romantic gift you can give your partner. So, now that you’ve decided to have these romantic portraits taken for your hubby or boyfriend, it’s time to start preparing for your session. The following guidelines will help a great deal in creating beautiful images that he’ll never forget.

Planning. Pick out your outfits well in advance of your session. Choose outfits and colors that flatter your figure and complexion. Also take into consideration the settings you’ll be photographed in and the mood you want to create. Colors like pastels and white suggest innocence and purity. They are more cute. While darker colors and black tend to be more sexy and mysterious. The styles you choose will help to suggest what you are trying to create. A baby doll nightie has a more youthful appearance, where a tightly laced corset in black vinyl will suggest something completely different. Your taste and what you are trying to portray will dictate the clothing you will choose. Try on all outfits to make sure they fit you. Sounds like common sense, right? Yet I have had many women show up with outfits and say “I’m not sure this still fits me” or “I knew I should have tried it on before I got here.” Yes, they should have.

Make sure you have the whole outfit put together. Don’t forget shoes, hose and any accessories that go with each outfit. Typically I photograph 3-5 outfits in a session. It would be best if each outfit was packed in a separate bag. This way you know that you have every piece that goes with that outfit. I can’t tell you how many times someone shows up with a piece missing. If your corset has garters, don’t forget the stockings that attach to them! Shoes also help to finish the outfit.

Make-up and hair. Unless your make-up and hair are being supplied by the photographer, you should arrive with your hair and make-up as close to finished as possible. This will allow more time in front of the camera, and less time primping. Make-up should be applied as if your were going on a date. Not too heavy or garish. Lip gloss helps to add to the sexy quality. Your hair should be loose and flowing. Since these are considered bedroom photos, an “up do” seems a little out of place. All of this has to be within the realm of possibility or else your significant other will look at the photos and say “These are nice. Who is it?” Do not wear your make-up in any strange new way. If you are having your hair and make-up done for you, do not try a new style that you’ve never worn before.

Arrive early. Trust me you’re photographer will love you for it. Ten minutes early is great. it will give you time to get settled, show the photographer what clothing you brought, and do a final touch up on your face. This way you can start on time. Arriving late will only cause you both stress, and it will show in the photos. It will also cut into your shooting time, causing even more stress. Stress is bad for boudoir photos. You will want to look and feel relaxed. Just planning to arrive 10 minutes early will help a great deal with this.

Have fun! Having fun during the session is just the opposite of being stressed. If you chosen a photographer that you are comfortable with, relax and enjoy the process. It should be fun and light-hearted. If you chose to bring a friend with you for moral support, please note that sometimes it’s harder to perform in front of your best friend, than a complete stranger. Bringing a friend can be a blessing, or a curse. Take this into consideration before having a friend tag along.

Don’t expect miracles. When you view your initial “proofs” or previews, they will most likely not be retouched yet. The miracles will come later. I typically show anywhere from 70-100 images to my clients for selection. Sadly there isn’t enough time in the day to retouch the images before they are sold. Know that the previews will still, after all your best efforts and the photographer’s, still may show stretch marks and some blemishes in the images. This is the time to understand that the final part of the process has yet to be done. Choose your images based on the pose and the expressions. Let the photographer worry about the rest. Skillful retouch artists will carefully remove bruises, stretch marks, blemishes, and yes, even strange folds of flesh and rolls. Sometimes in order to get a certain pose, one thing has to be sacrificed to get the pose to look right. This sacrifice, such as a roll showing, will be photoshopped out later. Don’t sweat that stuff. If your photographer supplies retouching (and he should!), all of your minor imperfection that show will be removed.

Finally, present it to him in a special way. You don’t want to just hand him an envelope with some prints in it. Think a little more creatively. Try buying a digital picture frame and have your photos pre-loaded into it. When he opens the gift wrapped frame it can immediately start showing your photos. Keep that on the night stand to spice up your late night activities! Many of my clients opt for a coffee table book of their photos. They simply choose their favorite 25-30 images and we custom design their own leather bound photo coffee table book from those images. What an incredible gift that is to receive! Other studios offer calendars, wall portraits and custom collages along with regular photographic prints.

Following these simple guidelines will help you get the most of out your boudoir photo experience and a gift your husband will be thrilled with.

Owner and operator of Spatola Designer Images, Michael Spatola has specialized in romantic boudoir photography, sassy pin-up pictures and “Old Hollywood” black and white glamour for over 20 years. He has also written and produced “Posing and Lighting The Female Form”, his 4 DVD instructional video that teaches other photographers the finer details of flattering women for this type of photography. To learn more about Michael and Spatola Designer Images, please visit spatolaimages.com

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