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Dan Eitreim

August 24, 2015

A photographer can only shoot so many shots in a given time period. Therefore, in order to increase his revenue, he needs to increase the amount he makes off of each shoot. The following are two tips which will help a photography business increase the amount earned off of each shoot.

1. Offer online proofing. Most photographers likely already do this but there may be a few holdouts. If you have resisted offering proofing over the web consider the disadvantages of print proofs. First the proofs are small. In this small size they look cheap; not the best thing for encouraging large orders. Second, they are easily scanned. Some clients may say, let me just take these home to think about the print that I really want.

2. Limit the amount of time your galleries will be available. The first time the client sees their pictures, they are emotional and excited to share these pictures with others. As time wears on the excitement wears off. As the excitement wears off their desire to purchase wanes as well. We can illustrate this by extremes. Suppose a client simply wanted the images so they could look at them from time to time. If you left the images their forever, they would have exactly what they wanted. They would never feel any need to purchase any pictures. This would definitely limit your orders.

3. Create a collage for every photo shoot. Most people would like all of the pictures that you present. They also depend on you, as the photographer, for artistic direction. By creating a collage you give the client the opportunity to have substantially more pictures while at the same time give them the value of your artistic ability. Often a collage can be created quickly. You can utilize a template and then apply the template to most of your shoots.

The photography industry is competitive. In addition, many photographers unnecessarily limit their order size by not following the above steps. By applying the above steps, a photographer can improve the size of his orders and provide more value to his clients.

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