Black And White Photography Supplies: How To Colorize A Black And White Photograph

Dan Eitreim

August 19, 2015

Color matters. Our eyes are drawn to art that utilizes color and contrast well to draw the idea to the intended object or focus. When one paints black and white abstract art, they strip down the opportunities for color to distract and utilize the dramatic color difference to draw the eye and make a statement. This kind of abstract art requires an amount of technical skills to make sure that the dramatic differences are highlighted correctly and no shading is missed. However, when done appropriately, black and white paintings can be a strong pop of artistic statement in an otherwise bright and colorful home.

Such a painting style relies on shades and hues of just the two colors. You must be able to work the darks and lights to create a visual interest and balance in the painting. It forces your gaze to analyze the artistic merit of the image, as well as the fine details and subtle notes that the artist has included. The more shading, the less stark the image seems. If you are looking for a bold statement, use fewer values of lights and dark in the black and white abstract paintings. This creates harsh contrast, forcing the eye to pay attention. With more values, your image will appear much more realistic and ‘picture like.’

An artist may experiment with “colorless” painting in order to stretch their abilities and improve their skills. Without color shading to rely on for any mistakes or indecision, the artist must rely on accurate drawing skills and a keen eye for shading. It strips down the artist’s skills to the bare bones of art: drawing. Without color, painting acts in much the same way that drawing does, relying on two colors and all of the shades and intermediates.

Abstract art in the home is a great way to create a modern look. With sharp contrast differences, art that integrates only these two colors is a great way to offset a wall in an otherwise bright and colorful room. It can also be used to draw the eye to a bright, plain wall or distract from a visually unappealing area. Depending on the values used, such abstract paintings can also be calming and nostalgia-inducing. Art without color hearkens back to an older era where color photography was a future consideration. It often is used in theme rooms to evoke the correct mood.

Black and white abstract paintings has a way of evoking mood and desire in a way that color painting has yet to catch on to. Such abstract art is stripped down to the core and relies just as much on skill as it does on supplies; the deft application of shading and understanding of values can bring the work anywhere from cartoon-like to photo-realistic. This art style in the home is a great way to add contrast and visual interest in a colorful home or bring about a certain mood, depending on the focus of the artwork. Overall, black and white abstract artwork is not something to be underestimated and could be easily utilized in any home.

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