Black And White Photography Of Flowers

Dan Eitreim

July 17, 2015

Flower Photography Tips #1 – Experimentation

Hey all! Here is my favourite part of photography; experimentation. Experiment the various angles available and build your level of creativity. Trial and error is in fact one of the best learning methods.

Flower Photography Tips #2 – Try Out Various Angles

Try shooting from the core of the flower at a close-up position. Also, you can capture the image of the flower from a lower angle.

Whatever angle you can think of, try it out! See which angle works well for you and which doesn’t.

Flower Photography Tips #3 – Lighting Condition

Lighting Condition is essential. Experiment with this too!

An example of this is to shoot the flower from an angle where there is light coming from the back of it. This method will add depth and have your image to look more appealing.

Flower Photography Tips #4 – Locate A Distinct Focal Point

When you shoot in macro, remember that the very first thing you will need to do is to locate a distinct focal point within the shot.

The limit in the depth-of-field when shooting in macro, apart from the focal point, will result you to have blurred images.

Flower Photography Tips #5 – Aperture-Priority (Av) Mode

Utilize the Aperture-Priority (Av) mode to have your flower in better focus. The f/stop is to be set at a higher number. For example, you may set it to f/11, f/16, and f/22.

Do note that when you raise the f/stop number, the shutter speed will reduce. Therefore, watch out for the shutter speed and keep away from blurred images.

Flower Photography Tips #6 – Try Off-center Focus

Do not think that focal point at the center of the frame is the only way to go about flower photography.

The best flower images are also taken via off-center focus. Most cameras have the feature where you can manually select the focus point of your choice.

Flower Photography Tips #7 – Depth-of-field

Macro lenses will automatically blur the background of your images. If you wish to decrease the f/stop with the objective to blur the background, you may do so to achieve your desired image based on your creativity.

Even so, you will have to keep in mind that the decrease in depth-of-field in your camera’s setting will also affect the focus on the flower you are photographing to be out of focus. This is one of the options of creative photography which you may want to try experimenting.

Flower Photography Tips #8 – Special Effect Methods

Another special effect method you can try out is to expand camera’s saturation level. Otherwise, you can capture images of flowers in black and white. Sepia will be good too.

I love this little trick, which is to sprinkle water droplets onto flowers. The camera’s focus should be focused onto the water droplets on the flower.

So, hey! Try this out! I especially love experimenting angles, lighting, etc. It is a lot of fun especially after I discover a new photography trick that works well for me.

Try it out and make sure to have fun!

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