Black and White Lingerie Photography

Dan Eitreim

August 16, 2015

Photography literally means “writing with light.” Without an adequate amount of light no glamour photographer would be able to take pictures, and therefore it is quite clear that we, as artists, should learn to manipulate light and make the most of it for our creative needs. In addition, for glamour photography in particular the issues of lighting are even more vital – a proper usage of lighting will help you to produce inspiring and artistic photographs, whereas poor skill shall result in flat pictures with no interest to wide audience.

The market is filled with all kinds of lighting equipment in crazy abundance of shapes, parameters, sizes and purposes. If you long to push your Glamour Images through into the world of editorials and glamorous magazines, you are going to need lots of potent lighting equipment for soft light and artistic smoothness – for something less pompous and more exquisite I would recommend more versatile types of light sources that allow you to manipulate light and shadow and go for artistry instead of excessive visual appeal; choose whichever is fine with you.

Among the vital tools for glamour artists there are spotlights, which prove quite helpful for creating distinguishable and edgy glamour images. Because spotlights are harsh in nature, and they cast dark, deep shadows which can become added graphic in your glamour image if controlled and manipulated properly. Never-the-less you will have to be aware of proper metering, as the amount of light emanated by a spotlight is rather huge even if it is your only source. Being quite sharp in contrast, spotlight can wipe out the details in highlights and shadows, unless you do some proper metering.

Another quite annoying moment is that connected with the flare that often appears on glamour images featuring white lingerie or light-colored background. However, the problem with flare can be reduced by the interplay of the inverse square law and by using proper metering, and using some black or dark colored substances on both sides of the subject. Another important point you should mind when taking glamour pictures is color temperature. Various light sources possess different color temperatures, and a glamour photographer should at least know them in order to be able to adjust white balance to the current lighting conditions.

As a photographer it takes effort and patience in being an expert in the field of Beauty Photography, however, if you have a good understanding of the kinds of lighting sources, metering, and white balancing, you will be definitely be able to create awesome glamour images.

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