Best Camera for Photography: What Is The Best Camera For Street Photography?

Dan Eitreim

June 24, 2015

Many who plan to invest (not buy) in a travel digital camera, find themselves are crossroads with a few brands and choices which all seem appealing. Unless you know what you really want and need, you wouldn’t be able to buy the camera that suits you best. If you’re someone who travels frequently, there are a wide range of travel cameras to choose from, but don’t pick the latest model and assume it’s the best because what may seem to be the best to one person wouldn’t be for another. So picking the right camera depends on the individual as well.

If this article was written about 20 years ago, it would be without a doubt all about Nikon cameras and their superb quality for all sorts of photography. But since a lot has changed then and Nikon is still considered as a great travel digital camera, its competitor has risen above and come up with something just as good. This would be the Canon series, more efficient, better functions and quite costly as well. You can put these two brands up against each other and neither would win because they are both great, but in different ways.

The Nikon point and shoot model is a great travel digital camera if you’re looking for something compact and easy to carry around. It’s got great features, some extras to play around one with but most importantly, it’s good and can take beautiful pictures if you know what you’re doing.  If you’re not interested in the old school point and shoot travel cameras then you should really consider getting and SLR since they’re the best clickers in the market today. A good recommendation would be the Canon digital SLR or the Nikon SLR, both are excellent and picking between them would purely depend on the type of camera you’re looking for. If I was put in the position to pick, I would go with the Nikon D40 which is economically affordable and is great money for value.

For travel digital cameras that are more professional, you could also check out the Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 7D or the Canon EOS 1D. For the Nikon range, you could give the Nikon D3 and Nikon D700 a look see. To find the one that suits you best especially for your frequent travels, think about the type of pictures you’d like to take and the places you’re more likely to go. Are you an action photographer who takes pictures of people and animals? If you are then try Canon EOS 1D as a first camera because it’s fast and has good shutter speed which can capture your moving images in no time. As for other photography like landscapes, scenery and objects you could look into the Nikon range or pick something that has got lighting options so that you can rely more on the natural lighting rather than the camera flash.

Picking the right travel camera requires you to know a little about photography first, the jargons, feature usages and body designs that you’re comfortable with. A quick tip about picking camera’s, the weight matters too because you’ll be lugging them around as you go from one place to another, so try selecting one that isn’t too heavy or difficult to carry around.

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