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Dan Eitreim

January 31, 2015

Have you done any online research to determine what type of digital camera you should buy? If so, you quickly came to the realization that there are tons of cameras and manufacturers all claiming to be the best and vying for your attention. It can be very confusing, Who should you trust?

Most likely, you are planning to start your photo adventures with an entry level DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera – then later you will move up into one of the more sophisticated models.

Photo tip – always buy the best equipment you can afford. It is better to have less – but higher quality – gear than a bunch of useless junk. Plus, it will last longer and grow with you so that you won’t have to reinvest in the upgraded models as quickly.

The two major players in the industry are Nikon and Canon. Sorry to say it, but I wouldn’t recommend even considering anything else.

Then, between the two, I have to recommend Canon. Nikon was my camera of choice for film, but Canon jumped on the digital bandwagon first and (in my opinion) has edged Nikon out.

You can’t go wrong with either of them, but let’s discuss two of Canons entry level cameras the Canon Rebel T1i and the Canon Rebel XSi.

According to every review you are likely to run across, both are excellent cameras and either would be a good choice for a beginner. There are two main differences. Video and price.

The Canon Rebel T1i has all the necessary manual settings and the ability to interchange lenses (which is the main reason for upgrading to better gear) and it also has the capability of shooting video.

While being able to shoot video is a nice feature, most of us rarely do so and the additional $150 or so cost is not worth it. I suggest you buy the Canon Rebel XSi and invest the $150 savings in a couple new lenses or an on camera flash. You’ll get far more use out of them.

Either way, get yourself a digital camera right away and get started creating your masterpieces!

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