Beginning DSLR Photography Classes: Overview

Dan Eitreim

April 29, 2015

In this photography online course, we will be learning about the shooting modes and understand about digital photography using them effectively.

Shooting modes in best-rated digital cameras counterbalance the shortcomings of aperture, shutter speed and exposure in digital cameras. Shooting modes like red eye reduction and text mode are to better the image.

Different cameras come with some variations in shooting modes.

Aperture priority/preference (AV): This feature is set in digital photography to set the depth of field in your camera. This setting is done manually.

The depth of a field decides which portion in a frame is to be kept in focus.

The depth field can be large or small. A large depth field means the whole thing in the frame will be in focus. A small depth field means the subject close to the camera will be in focus and the surroundings will be out of focus. AV is kept large for landscape shots.

Setting aperture priority: Aperture is measured in f-stops. A large f-stop number reduces the amount of light that comes in but creates a large depth of field. A small f-stop number increases the amount of light that comes in but decreases the depth of field.

In a large f-stop setting, the ISO setting is also large and the shutter speed is fast. This blend might bring noise in the image but the result of this combination is a large depth of field.

In a small f-stop setting, the ISO setting is smaller and the shutter speed is slow. The result of this setting is a small depth of field. Also, the camera should be held very steady using this setting.

Shutter priority/preferred (TV): This mode allows the user to set shutter speed for the digital camera. All other camera settings are modified accordingly.

Auto: The camera automatically selects all settings.

Portrait: The background is blurred and the subject is in obvious focus. In this mode also a large aperture size is used but smaller than the landscape mode.

Mostly, users use the auto mode or they alter between portrait and macro mode for portrait and close up shooting. We are trying to appreciate how these modes of digital photography work.
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