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Dan Eitreim

January 21, 2015

Do you have a passion for taking pictures and a wish to find online digital photo classes? Or maybe you’ve just wanted to buy your first digital camera and would like to know more about it. You’ll discover a lot of fineness digital photography lessons on the internet whether you are a beginner with a brand new camera or an experienced professional. You can take digital photo classes one at a time or sign up in an entire program. No matter what your needs, you will discover an online digital photo course to suit them. You may be surprise, though, if an online digital photography class can really make you a better photographer.

Here are some Online Digital Photo Courses:

The first authorized online propose school, Session.edu offers dozens of online courses in web design, web development, multimedia, digital design and new media marketing. Training is instructor-led and available whenever you wish to learn. Session.edu’s courses put together hypothesis, practice and related software applications and run on a persistent basis. Sessions.edu offers a wide selection of certificates, course packages and individual courses.

Sessions.edu is the only universally credited fully online school of design. Sessions.edu is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) in Washington, DC and is the first online school licensed by the State of New York Department of Education.

Academy of Art University Online
Academy of Art University is founded in 1929. It is the leading private art and design university in the country offering accredited online AA, BFA and MFA degrees, classes and certificates. The Photography curriculum ensures students construct technically and aesthetically sound work. Under the leadership of a staff of working professionals, students fine tune their style.

Agfa Online Photo Course
Develop your photography skills with Agfa Photography’s online courses. Tuition fee is free.

This award attractive site offers many online photo courses in addition to photo tips, articles, questions and answers, newsletter, discussion forum and more.

Kodak Digital Learning Center
Kodak’s Digital Learning Center offers a compilation of tips, techniques, how-to’s as well as free online courses for learning digital photo.

This site teaches digital photography, while paying homage to the masters who have used different technologies over the past 150 years. The extensive online text covers all areas of digital photo while never overlooking the technique common to both film and electronic media.

For beginners, let’s glance at the kind of people who are pays attention to internet learning. Here are some of the kinds of photographers who have taken online digital photography classes:

o           Those that do not have time for or more than a class here and there, like stay at home moms or people with busy careers
o           The student who earns a photography degree online.

That’s the integrity of the online digital photo course. You can do everything at your own speed, and in your own time. You can access the lessons late at night or early in the morning, and you can go elsewhere and shoot the photos on your lunch break if need be. You won’t spend time in a classroom. You’ll be out in the world taking pictures, which is where you should be!

-Cheri Amour[www.YoungPhotopreneur.com]Cheri Amour is a photographer and currently runs Cheri Amour Photography. She also runs a blog called YoungPhotopreneur.com, which is a community helping young and/or new photographers wanting to learn how to transition from amateur photographer to professional.You can Twitter Cheri at [yttwt.com/a2z28]

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