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Dan Eitreim

March 30, 2015

Taking pictures these days compared to yesteryear couldn’t be more foolproof. If you are an amateur and haven’t acquired a knack for how to take good pictures that are worth keeping, you simply delete the picture and take another one. No wasted film and no developing costs.

In spite of the cost advantage, if you don’t know how to take good pictures using either a digital camera or your phone camera, you could be missing out on that one-time perfect moment because you’re not acquainted with the features of the camera. In particular, many pictures taken with the camera phone are mediocre due to poor photographic techniques. Everyone has a camera phone these days but not very many invest the time to educate themselves on how to take the best pictures with their phone camera.

Contrary to what many people think, buying a fancy new camera is not the answer for how to take better pictures. Applying some simple basic photography tips and techniques when taking pictures is more important than the camera you are using. With practice, anyone can learn how to take good pictures with any camera.

One of the simplest beginner photography tips that shouldn’t be ignored is to obtain a copy of the users’ manual for your particular phone. This may sound like a no-brainer, but lots of people confess to either not needing a manual–they’ll figure it out on their own–or simply do not bother obtaining one. Most likely, you did not receive a complete users’ manual with your purchased camera. For environmental reasons, paper owners’ manuals are not usually included any longer with any purchased device but instead can be reviewed or downloaded off the website of the manufacturer. Having access to the applicable manual is useful to familiarize yourself with all those buttons and switches on the camera and can make a huge difference in quickly learning how to take good pictures. Learning the photography lighting techniques, becoming familiar with the flash and the zooming in-and-out feature will save you trial-and-error time when you’re trying to figure out a particular setting or how something works.

Correct lighting in photography for the beginner is probably one of the most important basic photography tips to learn for how to take good pictures most of the time. The more light that surrounds your image, particularly natural light, the clearer the picture will turn out. Most cameras come equipped with a built-in flash which significantly helps for taking good pictures indoors. Acquainting yourself with this feature will save you the frustration of your photos being too dark. Ideally, when at all possible, taking your photos outdoors will allow for the best source of lighting.

Size it Up–A tiny unrecognizable image off in the distance is not a photo you would want to share with others. Make sure to capture the entire image you are shooting in the viewfinder. Likewise, getting too close to your subject may result in a distorted or unfocused picture.

Lose the Clutter–It’s easy to get so focused on the particular object you want to take a picture of that you ignore the area surrounding the focal point. Even the most spot-on photo can be ruined due to unnecessary stuff in the background that can clutter and distract from the photo.

Anyone can learn how to become a better photographer. Taking good pictures just takes practice. The advantage of the camera phone or digital camera is you can repeatedly shoot off as many shots as you like without cost.

Whether your goal is to learn how to take professional pictures some day or simply learn how to be a better photographer, these basic amateur photography tips will get you off to a good start for how to take the best pictures.

Photography as a hobby can be very rewarding. Have your camera with you whenever you can to capture those special moments. The more photos you take the more skilled you will become at utilizing basic photographic techniques and taking pictures that will make time stand still.

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