Beginner DSLR Photography basics: Shutter Speed and motion guide

Dan Eitreim

March 10, 2015

Get a UV filter immediately once you get your new digital SLR camera, it will protect your lens from scratches or cracks, if anything were to happen, all you have to replace is your UV lens filter instead of the much more expensive digital SLR lens. Some say that using a UV filter will introduce artifacts into your pictures but I don’t see this happening in any of my photos.

Getting yourself a tripod is essential since holding your new camera upright for any extended amount of time will definitely tire your right arm. A tripod will help you reduce arm fatigue and it will also hold the camera steady for extended exposure shots such as any night time photography. Without a tripod night time photos may not turn out as clear as you would hope. I carry two different tripods with my gear and I always find them to be useful.

Learn about the settings of your new camera so that you can change them up while you are out taking photos and you will be able to see the slight or major changes in your photos. This will allow you to be able to choose setting on the fly in different situations. It will also provide some really cool shots and you can remember those settings for next time. Make sure you know how to adjust the exposure, the ISO settings and the white balance, all of which will be helpful on your next photography adventure.

When you take the lens of your new camera for the first time, be very careful not to get any dust or debris in there and never touch the mirror. This could damage your sensor and if you do that, you might as well just start shopping for a new camera.

With these helpful hints you should be able to get out there and take some amazing shots with your new digital SLR camera.

S. Chas has been shooting for photography for 10 years and the last four using digital slr cameras. Find more helpful information at his Digital SLR Photography [www.digitalphotographyden.com] website.

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