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Dan Eitreim

May 13, 2015

The decision to buy a digital camera after a cell phone is perhaps the most important piece of technology the average person will buy. As a beginner photographer it can be quite a task making your first decision. So how do you go about making your first digital camera choice?

As a new buyer you’ve probably been assailed by a host of advertisers trying to get you to spend your buck with them. Going to a photography shop won’t help much either as there it’s the same economic principle, sell as many of the highest priced camera as possible. Higher priced is not always better quality.

So where do you start with your first digital camera purchase? What do you buy? As an inexperienced camera newbie there are a few simple principles.

1. Don’t make an impulse buy

There are so many messages assaulting your senses that it is easy to make a quick decision which is probably not a wise decision. When looking at the camera you want buy, think, then go away and consider the merits. If you still think it’s the camera you want buy go back later, make the purchase but live with the decision without regrets.

2. Don’t buy under pressure

The oldest sales trick under the sun is for a salesperson to pressure a customer saying this is a never to be repeated deal. Don’t buy because of free memory cards, cleaning, kits or pouches. Nobody gives away something for free. Somewhere along the line someone is paying for it and most probably it’s you. If the salesperson won’t allow you to come back tomorrow or to think about it there is a reason.

3. Don’t buy cheap

The great price you are being offered has a reason and very seldom is it a great deal. Either you are losing on quality or you’re being conned into something illegal. There is saying that goes, “buying cheap is expensive”. On the other hand, buying a reasonably priced camera is good sense.

4. Evaluate the product

A reputable salesperson will allow you to go and research the deal because if it is a good one you’ll come back. The internet has opened up the world for us to research the products we want to buy. Read the reviews, ask questions on forums and chatrooms. Join a photography club and rub shoulders with experienced photographers who’ll give the right advice. Find out as much as you possibly can.

5. Buy what you can afford to lose

I don’t mean to physically lose the camera. What I mean is that if you don’t continue you haven’t got something that has broken the bank and wasted your hard earned money. If you decide that photography is not for you then you won’t regret your purchase.

6. Therefore the best digital camera is…

The best digital camera is one that is reasonably priced, takes a reasonable photo and is not complicated to use. Good photographs are taken by good photographers. A good photographer will take a good photo with any camera. The quality of the print or digital photo might vary in quality but it’ll still be a great image. You want to learn photography and not just how to operate a digital camera.

As you enter the world of photography you’ll find that the camera is just a recording device and has no idea as to what a good photo is. The key is learning photography and understanding what it takes and what you need. Once you understand this and have proven that photography is for you, you have the knowledge to go out and purchase a camera that will serve your photographic needs.

Too many people, spend too much, too quickly buying a camera that is too expensive and isn’t what they need for the area of photography they want to pursue. So buy a camera that suits your requirements and not what the salesperson thinks you need. Happy shooting!

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