Basic Photography Techniques: Basic Lighting Techniques

Dan Eitreim

May 30, 2015

This article will discuss the three basic steps that are essential for a proper lighting setup. A basic studio setup includes a main light, a fill light and a background light. Once you master this simple approach, you can relax knowing that you are almost always going to be on the right track to getting the effect you want.

The first step will be to set up your main light. This will typically be a floodlight. But where do you place it? It depends on the effect you are looking for, but usually this light is placed at about 45 degrees to the side of your subject and slightly about. Remember however, this is only one location. Your placement of the main light establishes the basic lighting mood. Try moving the light around to see the different effects it has.

Because the main light will cast deep shadows, we will also introduce a fill-in light to help with revealing some details hiding in the darkness. The reason for adding this light is that shadows look darker in a photo than they do in real life. So we need to add a little light to make the image appear more natural. Experiment with both the location and intensity of your fill light to achieve dramatically different looks.

As a final piece, you might consider adding a background light. This light is aimed at the background behind your subject and is used to help separate the subject from the background. Again, this is an area where small changes can have drastically different effects. Try using a floodlight in one scene and a spot in another, then compare the two. Now try moving them around or using a different intensity.

You may ask if all three light lights are necessary every time. No is the simple answer but go through a mental checklist for each setup. What is the effect you want? If you observe how each light affects the scene, you can experiment with each to come up with a package that suites your needs the best.

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