Baby Photography Ideas: Newborn Cute Pic Ideas

Dan Eitreim

May 21, 2015

When we talk about baby shower invitations, a lot of ideas come into the minds regarding the designs, background, themes etc. One of the most common photo ideas for photo baby shower invitations are making use of ultrasound images or pictures. Ultrasound allows parents to view the first glimpse of the baby inside the womb of the mother.

If you are planning on making such images for the baby shower photo invitations, you will first need to get the hard copy of the ultrasound at the doctor’s office or you could borrow it from the mother for using it for the shower invitation. Once you acquire the ultrasound copy, you can use it to scan the image with the help of a scanner.

Talking about designing the baby shower photo invitations you must first purchase colorful cards and envelopes from nearby stationery stores. If you have a printer at home, you can easily download templates from the computer and use it to design the backgrounds and patterns for the invitation cards. Similarly if you prefer simple postcards or fliers for the party, then you can make use of the appropriate template on your word processing software.

The ultrasound image can be placed on the front of the baby shower photo invitations. Make sure that the image is of the right size as of the invitation and is clearly visible for the guests to see. Wordings for the invitations can either be in the form of slogans, brief description of the mother to be or cute poems. You can type something like “It’s a boy/ girl” if you know the gender of the baby or “The Stork Is Finally Arriving”.

Another option available to you for photo baby shower invitations is to take a snapshot of the pregnant belly of the mother and paste it at the center of the invitations. You might even be interested in cute baby pictures that can be downloaded from many online websites along with interesting baby themes. If you have baby pictures of the mother to be, that too can be used for the baby shower photo invitations.

The information on the invitations should be precise and consist of all the information like the date, time, location of the party. You might also want to include the name of the guest of honor along with information on the theme for the shower and if there is any registries for the gifts and many more. Invitations to the guests must be sent out at least 4-6 weeks in advance so that the guests can book the dates well in advance.

Some unique ideas for the ultrasound baby shower photo invitations can be added depending on your creativity. Add a little circle around the image of the baby in the ultrasound image so that the guests can see the baby clearly. This can be done once the overall invitation cards are made. For added effect, you might also be interested in adding a smaller version of the ultrasound image on the envelope so that the guests know what lies inside the envelope.

Regardless of what type of photo baby shower invitations you design or purchase, it should create a lasting impact on the minds of the guests. You can even add little accessories to the card to make it even more attractive to the guests. A copy of the invitation can be saved as a keepsake of the mother to be so that she can put this in a scrapbook and cherish it for the rest of her life.

Make your baby shower invitations with picture more unique by including a ultrasound or sonogram image. At photobabyshowerinvitations.com you can find lots of neutral baby shower invitations customized with photographs.

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