Awesome Black And White Photography

Dan Eitreim

August 1, 2015

Black and white photography has become more than nostalgic pictures. They create a mystical aura that transcends the ordinary, and turns an image into something magical. The reason why artists and professional photographers often prefer black and white photography to colored photography is because of the impact it can evoke in people.

If you place identical pictures beside each other, one in full color and the other in black and white, chances are the attention will be towards the black and white photo. However, having great black and white photography is not as easy as it seems. There are many lackluster black and white pictures – just as there are unimpressive colored pictures. This brings us to the question of how to do black and white photography effectively.

Since you do not have the added advantage of color, your black and white photo should focus on one point only. You need to draw the eye towards one part of the picture by playing up shadows, lighting, and angles.

Your only contrast would be shades of black, grey and white, and to manage this effectively, your main point of interest should have depth. You can do this with powerful lenses and working with light to bring out the contrast in shade.

For a photo to emerge as powerful and emotional, consider using contrast in subjects. For instance, a large looming cloud over a minuscule flower or plant can show vividly without color the awesome strength of nature and its difference aspects. You could also try a black and white shot of a baby being held by a much bigger person to help focus on the fragility of the young child.

Black and white photography is an immense tool used by many professionals, both artists and career-oriented advertisers to create attention. In a world full of color and animated imagery, the starkness of black and white photos stand out, a cut above the rest.

Another trick you could try with your images would be to work with existing photos and transform them into elegant portraits of people. With the technological advances in imaging software, you can even try black and white photography on your PC. That is before you actually go out and take some shots. It will help you find angles and the proper use of shadows.

Make sure though that your black and white photography sessions have an objective in mind. It’s easy to just keep practicing, and there is nothing wrong with this at all. However, eventually, you will need to take it a step further and learn to speak through your photographs.

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