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Dan Eitreim

August 26, 2015

Many woman are taking their wedding photography portraits after their wedding. Why? Because they do not care what happens to the dress. Brides are more susceptible to agreeing to artistic or daring shots then they would have if photographs were taken before the wedding. Brides will not mind frolicking through a field or plunging into a pool for a great shot because they have already had their wedding. Wild and inhibited shots are great because they show the bride free and ethereal in her surroundings.

There are many advantages to a photo shoot after a wedding because the dress will not ever be worn again. The bride will not be as uptight and she will not care if the gown gets a little dirty or even completely ruined. Many of the photo shoots take place in nature such as a barn or a beach. A bride can mount her horse without worrying about getting dirty or a couple can plunge into an isolated ocean. These photos will capture a breathless moment and prove to be ideal for the adventurous couple and bride.

Many woman buy two dresses- one for photography purposes and one for the actual wedding. If the photo shoot happens after the wedding the bride is saved from spending money on two dresses. There is also no pressure to get the shots finished in time. Perfection is not the problem and instead natural beauty is the desired look.

If you have already been married for a while, consider having another photo shoot in your wedding gown. It would be great fun to get dressed and have an alternative look to ad to your wedding day photography. Your dress is probably sitting in a box. Take it out and have a fun filled day of taking pictures around town!

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