A Beginner’s Guide For Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: Focus

Dan Eitreim

March 8, 2015

Here I will layout a few basic digital photography tips that will help most beginners start off in the world of digital photography. Digital photography itself can be a big step forward from the old style photography which some people would know. Hopefully these few tips will help you to feel at home with your new camera.

Firstly before starting off always read your digital cameras user manual, this sounds stupid but its surprising to know that most people will throw theirs out and never read it. The users manual will tell you all you need to know about the camera itself and the functions and different settings available on the camera. Most importantly it will tell you how long to charge your camera battery before you use the camera at all. Sometimes if the battery is not charged for the correct period at the start you will never get the proper life time from the battery.

Another note I would like to add on the battery issue is never leave your camera lying for long periods with the battery still in it. If its not in use for long periods then remove the battery. Don’t take the risk of damage.

Secondly if your in a town or city why not look around and see if you a have a camera club near by where you live. Even if there is a local college in the area they may have a camera club. It will definitely help to be able to ask people questions one to one and get peoples views and opinions. Sometimes they will have talks or competitions which will give you new ideas and you will learn to use your camera in different ways.

Learning the basics of camera use is very important because a digital camera can be expensive depending on the camera specification. There’s not much point paying big money for a high specification camera when you dont know what most of the camera settings are for.

When you have read the users manual and properly charged and installed the battery, your ready to start taking photographs. At this stage a lot of new digital photographers will just start clicking away. But its the same as all photography you must hold your camera steady and push the shoot button gently.

Sometimes digital cameras can be small and feel very light when your handling them, but you must still hold them steady when taking photographs. There’s no point in having a one off picture opportunity only to see later that the picture has been shaken. This will not be as important with buildings or landscape photographs as you can take them over a few times and just delete the ones you don’t want.

I hope these few basic digital photography tips will help you when starting out, and hopefully you will have no problem taking great photographs.

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