Here's A VERY Special - MUST HAVE - "Portrait Photography Essentials" Bundle!
Creating stunning portraits is one of -if not THE - most valuable photo skills to master! Let's face it... virtually ALL of our photos are going to have someone in them!
This area of photography has a lot of SPECIFIC skills necessary to get stunning images... Now, you can have them ALL! (If you act fast!)
If you think that "model releases" are only necessary for pro photographers, or only needed if you make money from a photo... You are a lawsuit just waiting to happen!
Everyone has facial flaws. True, some are more pronounced than others, but we ALL have them! Here is where you will easily separate yourself from the crowd... And make your subjects look like you caught them on the best day they've ever had!
This one isn't specifically about portrait photography, but has a LOT of tips that will help you get better photos. (50 of them to be exact!) This 180 page book WILL be a valuable addition to your photo library - guaranteed!
"Stunning Portrait Photography"
This book covers: The shadow in your portraits...Short light patterns...Broad light patterns...Split light, Loop light, Rembrandt lighting, Butterfly lighting and on and on!
"Correcting Facial Flaws"
"50 Keys To Better Photography"
"Model Release Templates"
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Next up in our absolutely vital - MUST HAVE - "Portrait Photography Essentials"series...
Your job as the photographer is to ensure that everyone looks like a million bucks!
The great news is that it isn't that hard to do!
(Once you learn how!)
More great news... If you can get great portaits of your friends and family, you will VERY QUICKLY become a hero in their eyes.
The flip side is... if you make them look bad, they will NEVER forget it! (AND they will make sure that no one else ever forgets it either.)
It covers...Fill lights, Background lights, Hair lights, Accent lights, Lighting ratios... (and how to do all of this without studio lighting!) Eliminating Red Eye and Squinting! And much much more! This listing is only a minor part of what you get in this all inclusive portrait photography book! This book normally sells for $3.99! Get the bundle and save a bundle!
You will be able to correct their flaws "IN THE CAMERA" by the way you light them, the poses you pick and so on...
No more spending hour after hour in "Photoshop" trying to get an acceptable image. (And face it, you don't do that anyway... you just settle for an inferior shot.) This book normally sells for $3.99! Get the bundle and save a bundle!
Third in our absolutely vital - MUST HAVE - "Portrait Photography Essentials"series...
Here we discuss the best ways to use a tripod and a monopod... exposure (shutter speed, aperture and ISO)... ways to eliminate camera shake and on and on! Check it out, you'll like it! It's my all time best seller! This book normally sells for $3.99! Get the bundle and save a bundle!
Last but not least we have...
Do you ever take a photo and upload it to Instagram? How about Facebook, Twitter, Redditt or even your own website or blog?
Yup... if someone is recognizable in the photo, they can SUE YOU! They not only CAN sue you, they WILL!... A lot of people think of the courts as a second income stream!
There are templates in here for...Adult Releases, Minor Releases, Property Releases and Nude Releases. There's also a section of extra clauses you can add when needed! This book normally sells for $3.99! Get the bundle and save a bundle!
Heck, at that price - if you only got one good idea - it's well worth it! You probably spent more than that the last time you took the kids to McDonalds!
"Portrait Photography Essentials"
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