Whether You Are A Pro Or An Amateur Photographer - Eventually Someone Will Ask You To "Take A Few Shots." Do YOU Know EXACTLY What To Shoot At A Wedding?
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There are THOUSANDS of books that will tell you HOW to shoot pretty pictures...but very few that dig into showing you WHAT to shoot - "Photographing Weddings" does!
"Photographing Weddings" has - by far - the most detailed shot lists you will EVER find... with DOZENS of photos to illustrate them!
Discover the 14 unique "phases" of a wedding. For some phases you can leave your camera at home! Others - you probably won't even be there - and some phases require a whole list of CAN'T MISS shots! "Photographing Weddings" covers them all!
There are several items you should always have with you at weddings... (Over and above your camera equipment!) Read "Photographing Weddings" and you'll be all set.
While "Photographing Weddings" is not a technique book - you'll discover the #1 most flattering pose for the bride and groom! (Your shots will suffer if you don't know this one!)
When someone says... "Be sure to photograph my best side!" Do you know how to determine which one it is? With "Photographing Weddings," you'll know EXACTLY!
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