Mastering Light For Photography!
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Each of these areas of photography requires a SPECIFIC knowledge set to get stunning images... Now, you will have it ALL!
What is "Hard Light"? We define a hard light as one that is small in relation to the subject and it creates hard edged, dark shadows. It can be any TYPE of light and from any source... from the sun to the camera's flash and all the way through to studio strobes!
Shadows - No big deal, right? WRONG! Shadows are a VITAL element in photography and are every bit as important as the light. In fact, you will determine what type of light to use based on the desired shadows!
What IS photography? It's capturing light! That's it. No more, no less. Since photography is all about light... we need to know EVERYTHING there is to know about light! It's the difference between an "OH WOW!" image and a huge yawn.
Photo Mastery Shadows Form and Texture!
Master Photo Lighting - Light 101
Master Photo Lighting Hard Light!
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First up in our absolutely vital MUST HAVE "Mastering Light For Photography" series...
The deeper you get into photography, the more value you are going to place on shadows! On it's own, this e-book sells for $3.99 - but with this series bundle, you are going to save a bundle!
Our next MUST HAVE "Mastering Light For Photography" series e-book is...
If any of the above terms aren't quite clear... you NEED this book! Like the others, it currently sells for $3.99
Once we understand what it is... we start learning how (and when) to use it to get across a message, define a shape or control the viewer's emotions!
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Our next MUST HAVE - "Mastering Light For Photography" series e-book is...
Read "Master Photo Lighting - Light 101" and you will have a very solid grounding in light and in how it relates to photography!
What IS "Soft Light"? We define a soft light as one that is large in relation to the subject. It creates soft edged, lighter shadows. Like a hard light, it too can be any TYPE of light and from any source...
I think this book will grow in value as you learn more and more about photography. Like the currently sells on it's own for $3.99
Master Photo Lighting Soft Light!
You are going to learn about "Additive Light", "Kelvin Temperature" and how it determines the light's color, (and why it's best to shoot at dawn and dusk). You'll learn about the types of light; Incandescent, Ambient, Fluorescent... On Camera, Off Camera, Hard, Soft, Strobe and much much more!
"Mastering Light - Light 101" gives you a birds eye look at all the various types of light sources and the various advantages - and problems - associated with each.
You'll learn how the angle of the light can make a person look older (or younger), define or eliminate facial scars and acne, define or soften muscles. Do this right and body builders will love you! Do it wrong and they have the strength to make it HURT!
Next you'll learn about light shaping... You'll discover the uses for "Barn Doors", "Snoots", "Cookies", "Gobos" "Flags", "Dots" "Fingers", and more and more!
Written With The Amateur Photographer In Mind - Eventually You Will Want To Make Photographs with a softer, more professional look. Do YOU Know EXACTLY How To Get STUNNING Images? Ones That You Will Love And Want To Hang On The Wall - FOREVER?
We will discover how to diffuse our lights and make them larger so the light "wraps around" our subject. We'll learn how, why and when to fill in shadows to disguise facial blemishes and acne. We'll even learn how to make our own softboxes!
We'll learn about lighting ratios and why they are important. We'll discuss dynamic range and what that means to your photos... and more!
Next in our MUST HAVE "Mastering Light for Photography" e-book series...
You'll discover how to plan for and use the shadows from hard light and soft light. You'll learn how, when and why to use a fill light. Finally discover the lighting patterns all the "pros" use to make stunning portraits! (They are actually named for the shadows they cast!)